Siteground Hosting Review: Best Web Hosting Service Provider

Siteground Hosting Review: Best Web Hosting Service Provider

Siteground Hosting Review: Best Web Hosting Service Provider

Fast and secure web hosting is mendetori for any personal or busness website. I have been using Siteground web hosting from last 24 months. It is more faster than before 192% webite speed incressed.

  • Hosting Service ★★★★★ 95% 95%
  • Hosting Features ★★★★ 89% 89%
  • Disk Space ★★★★★ 90% 90%
  • Uptime ★★★★★ 99% 99%
  • Customer Support ★★★★★ 100% 100%
  • Price Value ★★★ 81% 81%

SiteGround Pros +

  • Excellent  uptime 99.98%
  • Very Good customer support
  • Unlimited Databases
  •  SSL, CDN and Email Free for all user
  •  Automatic WordPress updates
  • Free daily automatic backups and restore

SiteGround Cons -

  • Strict data over-usage policy
  • Not the cheapest web hosting around
  • Limited storage for the cheapest plan

SiteGround Hosting Plan »

Siteground Hosting Plan

General Info & Hosting Overview

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About Siteground

SiteGround is registered companies in the USA, UK, Bulgaria, and Spain.

They have four offices and several datacenter locations around the world. They have been delivering exceptional service for our websites for 16 years.

In the year of 2004 SiteGround found by a few university friends . SiteGround is operating with more than 500 employees from 4 country.

SiteGround partners with multiple companies such as SingleHop, SoftLayer, CloudFlare, OpenSRS, cPanel, GlobalSign, Softaculous, Spam Experts, Open Classifieds, Printful.

It is hosting 2 million domains around the world and I one of them. My six website also are hosting with SiteGround.

What is the Performance and Reliability of Siteground?

Yes it is correct that uptime is excellent as SiteGround claims an uptime of 99.99 percent.

Every one expect 100 percent uptime for their website but it is impossible to maintenance network even some time Google goes down.

They also have excellent page load times under 750ms.

Their main data center partner Google Cloud matches 100% the energy consumed by google global operations with renewable energy and maintains a commitment to carbon neutrality.

My websites are excellent more then 90 percent now becouse of SiteGround but mobile readeblity are little lower then desktop as per Google reports.

If your domain with third party I recommend you to transfer and increase your wibsite ten time faster.

Features of SiteGround

SiteGround provide basic StartUp shared hosting plan with $3.95/mo. This plan is only for single website.

They have Default PHP version managed by Siteground (7.1) and Custom PHP Versions 7.4, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0 & 5.6 as per your requirement.
Unlimited MySQL database, free email accounts, Automated Daily Backup, Free Shopping Cart Installer, Free CDN ans SSL with Each Account, Free Drag & Drop Weebly Sitebuilder with this plan.

SiteGround StartUp plan 10GB Space and 10,000 Visits limit, it is not enough but for starting website is quite good.
SiteGround has 30 Days Money Back and 100% Renewable Energy Match which is partner with Google. Also they provide tools for website scanner for free with any plan and Spam Protection.

Customer Support Rate

Customer Support of Siteground is excellent in terms of solving problem and quick response. They have highly skilled support team who are available 7/24.

SiteGround support center has multiple Channels to fast problem resolution and live assistance with Live chat, Phone support and Help desk tickets.

Even Instant Self-help Pinned help on every page, Smart AI chat bot and Automated solutions are available. They have 100% customers confirm satisfaction rates.

As you can see I had a problem with my website SSL and it had successfully resolved with in few minutes. SiteGround resolve with a single reply and average estimate time 8 minutes.

SiteGround Customer Support

DXN Products Review

DXN Products Review

DXN Products List of 2020
DNX products are very powerful in terms of organic. Most of the products in the market are toxic and chemical based but in DXN 100% natural and alkaline with no side effect.

The world’s largest Ganoderma Company with the concept of ONE DRAGON ONE WORLD ONE MARKET and ONE MIND. Ganoderma, Morinda and Spirulina are the core products of DNX on “Health Care” “Beverages” and “Personal Care”. DXN exists in 180+ countries with 8 million+ distributors and 150+ products in the worldwide from 1997.

Type of products in DXN bellow

♥ Health Care

DXN Reishi Gano (RG) Capsules

DXN Ganoderma RG Capsuel

DXN Ganocelium (GL) Capsules

DXN Ganocelium (GL) Capsules (14-day-old mycelium)

DXN Spirulina Capsules

DXN Spirulina Capsule

DXN Nonizhi Juice

DXN Nonizhi Juice

Nonizhi Juice (Morinda citrifolia enriched with Roselle)

DXN Noni Juice

DXN Noni Juice (Morinda citrifolia & Tamarindus indica)

Noni Juice (Morinda citrifolia & Tamarindus indica)

DXN Roselle Juice

DXN Roselle Juice (Botanical Beverage mix Roselle)

Roselle Juice (Botanical Beverage mix Roselle)

♥ Beverages Series

DXN Reishi Gano Tea

DXN Reishi Gano Tea (Assam tea with Ganoderma)

Reishi Gano Tea (Assam tea with Ganoderma)

DXN Green Tea, Masala Tea

DXN Tea, Green Tea, Masala Tea (Mixture of aromatic Indian spices)

Green Tea, Masala Tea (Mixture of Indian spices)

Lingzhi Spices Black Tea

DXN Lingzhi Spices Black Tea (Indian Herbal & Ganoderma)

Lingzhi Spices Black Tea (Indian Herbal & Ganoderma)

DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3-in-1

DXN Zhi Mocha

Lingzhi Coffee 3-in-1 (Instant coffee, Ganoderma & Non-dairy Creamer)

DXN Spirulina Cereal

DXN Spirulina Cereal

Spirulina Cereal (Malt Extract, Non-dairy Creamer, Vannila, Spirulina & Oats)

DXN Nonizhi Juice

DXN Nonizhi Juice

Nonizhi Juice (Morinda citrifolia enriched with Roselle)

Reishi Gano (RG) Capsules (90-day-old mushroom)

What is Ganoderma lucidum? What is Lingzhi?

Lingzhi Ganoderma lucidum also known as Reishi mushroom, provides proven health benefits since ancient times, Lingzhi has been referred as nature’s most powerful and beneficial herb. In the past, Lingzhi was one of the rarest herbs on earth and was reserved only for emperors and royal families today, due to modern cultivation techniques and commercial production, Lingzhi is available to anyone who needs its health giving benefits.
We are constantly in a “pre illness state” because

A Major part of our diet is mainly composed of nutrient-deficient, frozen and processed food products compounded with chemical additives.
We are continually exposed to external stressors like environmental toxins and physical and emotional strain. Many ailments are caused by the imbalance of physiological functions due to poor nutrition and accumulation of toxins in the body. Once an illness manifests recovery can be slow and difficult. Lingzhi when present composed of nutrient-deficient, frozen and processed food products compounded with chemical additives enhance the healthy, normal functions of the body and also help to address the physiological imbalances
Why DXN Lingzhi? Why DXN Ganoderma?
DXN Unghis grown and produced under strictly controlled hygienic conditions. There are absolutely no chemicals, pesticides, artificial colors, flavors or foreign substances used at any time cultivation method with all natural materials such as rice chaff and sawdust Instead of traditional fertilizers, insecticides or hormones in the growing cycle or during the processing of DXN Lingzhi.

The DXN farm uses a cultivation method with all-natural materials such as rich chiff and sawdust instead of traditional fertilizers, insecticides or hormones.
This specialized cultivation method provides more than 200 kinds of primary and secondary elements, such as enzymes, coenzymes, amino acids vitamins, carbohydrates and trace elements, to improve the crop’s quality, quantity, growth and resistance to pests. The DXN farm also uses the tissue culture method, which can reproduce one million pieces of Ganoderma from a single mother plant. From every mass crop growth, a rigorous selection process is implemented to identify the best quality Ganoderma for DXN products.
DXN Farm also utilizes a suspension arrangement method to ensure quality growth stages for our Ganoderma crop, avoiding the invasion of unwanted materials into the Ganoderma. DXN farm is considered the largest Lingzhi farm in the world. The farming methods incorporated by DXN prevents damage to the environment making it the first Lingzhi farm in Malaysia to receive the ISO 14001 certification,
Key facts about DXN Lingzhi or Ganoderma Cultivation:
Cultivation method with all-natural materials Cultivation method that provides more than 200 kinds of primary and secondary elements Tissue culture method which can reproduce one million pieces of Ganoderma from a single mother plant Suspension arrangement method of growing Lingzhi.
Benifites of Ganoderma lucidum:

The Divi 4.0 Countdown

The Divi 4.0 Countdown

The Divi 4.0 Countdown by

Greaat News For Website Builder or Beginner. Divi 4.0 The Divi Theme Builder Officialy Launch on 17 Oct 2019. Divi 4.0 Will Be Biggest Divi Theme Don’t Want To Miss It? Please Check The Link Bellow.

the divi 4.0

The Upcoming Divi Theme Builder From

New Upcoming Divi Theme Builder is Unlimited to Page content customize every part of your website.

Now More Easy To Create Your Header And Footer For Your Website With Help Of The Divi 4.0 Theme Builder So Start Full Customize Headers And Footers. It Is Very Quick And Easy to Install. Start Using Themes and Create A Wonderful Header And Footer of Your Website.

The Divi Theme Builder Will Allow You To Choose Many Pre Made Themes and Your Won. You Can Create, Design and Publish Pages With Your Finger Tip.
The Divi 4.0 Theme Builder will make your web pages very smooth and lite. You Can build for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Friendly.It has wonderful features for Row, modules, button However , Image border, Logo,background color, Font, Animation and may more.