The 10 Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

The 10 Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

How do you even begin to choose the best email marketing software for your small business? There are dozens of options available, and most of them can get the job done pretty well.

What about mobile marketing capabilities? Are you looking for an easy-to-use tool or a super-advanced one with tons of features?

These questions and more will be answered in this list of the 10 best email marketing softwares for small businesses.

1. The Best Email Marketing Software for Multi-Channel: Omnisend

Omnisend allows you to take your email marketing to another level. It’s easy to use and offers a variety of features that make it great for small businesses. Keep reading to find out why it’s our #1 choice!

Omnisend offers: an auto-responder, drip campaign builder, analytics & reporting, responsive design templates, integration with Zapier and other tools, and schedule emails in advance – even on mobile!

Additionally, you can integrate Omnisend with MailChimp. Omnisend is a multi-channel marketing software that helps you create personalized campaigns across multiple channels. It’s perfect for companies looking to reach customers via email, social media, SMS or push notifications.

The software makes it simple to send automated messages at just the right time using trigger words and segmentation lists.

The Best Email Marketing Software for Multi-Channel Omnisend

2. Best Free Email Marketing Software: MailChimp

MailChimp’s system is easy to set up and makes it easy to stay in touch with your audience. Plus, you can download a copy of your lists into MailChimp, so you never lose them when switching from one email marketing software to another.

What’s wrong with free services? Nothing, if you don’t mind paying for what you get! Some of these services have hidden costs (like advertising fees), some charge per subscriber (or worse – by the number of emails sent), and some make it impossible to export data (making migrating to a different service nearly impossible).

There are no major differences between paid plans either – they all offer useful features that small businesses need. But we’ll cover that more below…

What’s good about free services? Well, as mentioned above – there are no hidden costs or fees that will surprise you down the line.

Best Free Email Marketing Software MailChimp

3. Best Email Marketing Software for Newsletters: iContact

iContact is a very attractive email marketing software option. With an easy-to-use interface, responsive customer service, and several features that make email campaigns easier to create, send and analyze, iContact is a viable option for small businesses that don’t have a large budget. iContact costs $19/month or $99/year.

Best Email Marketing Software for Newsletters iContact

4. Best Email Marketing Software for CRM: Hubspot

When it comes to email marketing software, Hubspot is one of the most popular options available. It’s easy to see why: you can create automated drip campaigns and customize your content with a few clicks.

However, there are plenty of other options out there that have many of these same features and more at a lower price point.

Best Email Marketing Software for CRM Hubspot

5. Best Email Marketing Software for Schedule: Constant Contact

While Constant Contact has all of your basics (open tracking, RSS integration and strong templates), it hasn’t changed much in more than a decade.

It still looks like it did back in 2005, which isn’t appealing to potential new users—especially if you want to stand out from everyone else who’s using Constant Contact.

Plus, Constant Contact is expensive for SMBs with less than 25 employees.

Best Email Marketing Software for Schedule Constant Contact

6. Best Segmentation Email Marketing Software: ActiveCampaign

Inbound marketing is a hot new trend, but if you’re not well-versed in technology, it might be hard to implement. With ActiveCampaign, though, you get friendly customer support at no extra cost.

This makes it easy to maintain an effective marketing campaign. If you’re looking for an affordable email marketing software option with great customer service, ActiveCampaign is your best bet.

Best Segmentation Email Marketing Software - ActiveCampaign

7. Best Email Marketing Tool for Automation: SendinBlue

SendinBlue offers solid features and excellent pricing, making it one of our favorite email marketing tools. It does everything you’d expect a great platform to do and more, but never skimps on price.

If budget is your top priority, SendinBlue should be at or near the top of your list.

Best Email Marketing Tool for Automation SendinBlue

8. Best Email Marketing Software for Campaigns: Aweber

If you send less than 1,000 emails per month or want to start a new campaign quickly, Aweber might not be right for you. You’ll have to wait 7 days after starting your first campaign to launch another one.

This is a time-consuming process that wastes potential leads and drains time and energy away from growing your business. Omnisend allows you to start campaigns immediately with no waiting time at all, as long as your account is set up in advance of course!

If seven days of extra work on behalf of your customers doesn’t excite you, it’s not surprising that they are leaving Aweber in favor of Omnisend.

Just like our other features though…this one is worth it!

Best Email Marketing Software for Campaigns Aweber

9. Easiest Email Marketing Software: Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is a simple, easy to use email marketing platform. However, based on user reviews, it seems that customer service is an issue with Mad Mimi.

Worse yet, several users have reported that their accounts were deleted without notice. If you’re looking for a reliable and responsive support team when you’re just starting out or if you’re in a pinch, Mad Mimi is not your best option.

Easiest Email Marketing Software Mad Mimi

10. Best Email Marketing Tool For Content Creators: ConvertKit

The best email marketing tool for content creators is a tool that will make sure that your list feels and hears from you on a regular basis.

For bloggers, artists, and other content creators, using a responsive, one-on-one approach to building an audience is what we do. Our goal is for you to feel heard by anyone who wants to hear from you.

ConvertKit does it with ease. Users are able to manage their email lists through blogs or websites or both.

Best Email Marketing Tool For Content Creators ConvertKit


There is no doubt that email marketing can boost your small business. When anyone entered their email on your newsletter, they’re interested in what you offer.

Let me know which email marketing software you have been using in the comment.

7 Lead Generation Tips to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn

7 Lead Generation Tips to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be one of the most powerful lead generation tools you have at your disposal, but you’ll need to use it correctly in order to get the most out of it.

This guide includes seven ways to generate leads from LinkedIn, including several that most marketers don’t realize exist. Check out these seven strategies for growing your business on LinkedIn and see how you can more effectively harness this powerful tool!

1) Optimize your profile

The first step in generating leads on LinkedIn is optimizing your profile. Make sure you fill out all of your information.

This will ensure that users can connect with you and find out more about your business. The more contact information you provide, such as email address and phone number,

means more people will be able to get in touch with you for potential sales or offers for your services.


Sumanta Biswas Linkedin

2) Build a list of personal connections

To grow your network of business contacts and leads on LinkedIn, start by gathering a list of current or past coworkers, friends, customers and classmates.

Then use these connections as your starting point for asking people you know to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Asking them directly will not only help you avoid wasting time sending out invitations that won’t be accepted,

but it also increases your chances of them accepting because they will recognize who you are.

3) Build an in-depth group of targeted connections

One of the best places to find new leads is right in front of you: your connections. Connections are a primary indicator of influence and trust in your network.

So, whether you’re looking for new clients or business partners, it’s time to put in some work and grow your connections list on LinkedIn.

Here are 7 tips that will help you get started.

4) Keep your profile up-to-date

If you want leads for your business, having a well-maintained profile is important. Make sure all information is accurate and professional-looking; don’t include a giant photo of yourself, as potential clients and companies may take that as too informal.

Always update your status (and have colleagues do so) with relevant news related to your field or industry—this way, people are more likely to visit your profile.

5) Share relevant content via Groups

Leverage LinkedIn’s professional networking features by joining Groups relevant to your industry. Since so many professionals are using these groups, you can expect a high level of engagement and people looking for leads.

You can even schedule posts or other content ahead of time and have it post automatically based on your current engagement with others.

This is also a great place where you can generate leads for your business by sharing content that could potentially be relevant for potential customers or clients interested in getting help in their field.

Leveraging different aspects of LinkedIn allows you more opportunities to create more leads and get more sales from existing ones.

6) Follow the right people

If you’re struggling to get leads for your business, one of your first priorities should be to follow more people—and do it effectively.

In fact, in a survey of 15,000 B2B decision makers, 73% indicated that showing interest by following me was their favorite lead-generation tactic via social media.

And an even higher percentage (78%) said they were very likely or somewhat likely to follow back if a business took interest in them by way of social media.

7) Monitor your activity

Be strategic about which groups you join and what kinds of activity you engage in. Keep track of how often you’re posting and responding, as well as your level of engagement.

You should make sure that you’re spending time interacting with quality prospects instead of just spamming your profile out there all willy-nilly.

Keep in mind that it’s easy to lose touch with old friends and let our relationship slide when we don’t visit as often as we used to. You can follow me too on LinkedIn.

5 Tips for Effective Email Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

5 Tips for Effective Email Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Email marketing should be an essential part of any small business’s online marketing strategy. Not only does it allow you to market to a wide audience, but it also offers several benefits over other digital marketing channels such as Facebook and Google AdWords that are well worth the effort involved in setting up email marketing campaigns and sending out regular emails to your subscribers.

Not sure where to start with your email marketing? Here are 5 tips that can help you create an effective email marketing strategy for your small business.

1) Personalize Your Emails

When you’re emailing subscribers, take a few minutes to look up their name. Include it in subject lines and body copy, but be careful not to go overboard—you don’t want them to feel like you’re spamming them.

You should also consider using an email marketing service, such as MailChimp or HubSpot. These will help you set up templates, track open rates and other important metrics, and much more.

The latter even includes social media integration so you can automatically send your subscribers new posts from your company’s Facebook page.

Both services are free for basic accounts, so there’s no reason not to use them!
The Power of Follow-Up: If someone doesn’t respond to your first email blast, send another one two weeks later. This is especially useful if you are trying to connect with influencers who might get hundreds of emails per day.

2) Be Wary of Clickbait Headlines

While it may be tempting to use clickbait headlines to entice people into reading your emails, keep in mind that they’re a sign of desperation.

Do you really want to send desperate-sounding emails? This doesn’t mean you can’t write compelling headlines—just that you should focus on crafting titles that capture your target audience’s attention without relying on cheap tricks.

Also, HubSpot has put together some tips on how to create great email subject lines. Be sure to check them out!

3) Include a Benefit Statement in the Subject Line

Your subject line is critical to getting your email opened and read.

The reason?

Your subscribers are often flooded with dozens of messages every day, so they need a compelling reason to open your message over everything else that’s vying for their attention. Make it easy on them by including a benefit statement in your subject line.

4) Use Data to Personalize Content Based on Behavior

Most email marketing tools allow you to track whether or not users are opening your emails, as well as other actions they take.

Take advantage of these capabilities to ensure that your messages resonate with each segment of your audience. If someone hasn’t opened an email in a while, try sending another one with a new offer.

If he regularly clicks on a certain link in an email, find ways to encourage him to click it again. (For more inspiration, check out what HubSpot, Neil Patel customers are doing on their blogs.)

5) Use Embedded Links in Emails

If you use email marketing to promote your business, you probably know that a major component of most campaigns is sending traffic to a landing page or squeeze page.

If your contact form uses embedded links in emails, you don’t have to remember to add these links to each email individually when it’s time to send out your campaign—you can just send an email with a clickable link straight from MailChimp which I personally use.

Leave your question on comments. Thank you for reading this blog. 

The Best Way to Learn SEO in 2022

The Best Way to Learn SEO in 2022

SEO is not a knowledge problem – it is an execution problem.

When it comes to SEO, far too many people out there are looking for that one hack, one trick, one technique, that one piece of information that will change their lives and get the elusive number 1 ranking for all their keywords.

Once people decide to learn SEO, they start binge-watching YouTube videos, mass-consuming blog posts, registering for every webinar, but yet, at the end of it still don’t know how and where to start with #SEO.


Honestly, if information is all that people need in life, everyone would be walking around with six-pack abs and driving a Ferrari because there is plenty of information on the internet about getting six-pack abs and making enough money to afford a bright red Ferrari.

But how many people do you know who have both or at least one of them?


Yeah, that’s what I thought.

It’s the same with SEO.


What you need is not more information (or “secret” information) and knowledge but structured information and focused implementation.

The emphasis should be on the focused implementation.

Because think about it, do you really think you can learn how to play the guitar just by watching videos of people playing the guitar?


Obviously not.

You’ll have to pick up the guitar and start practicing it. (RIP to all the guitars that didn’t make it this far)


And exactly like that, the only way to learn SEO is by DOING SEO.

Top 10 Digital Marketer in Guwahati

Top 10 Digital Marketer in Guwahati

Digital Marketing services in Assam are growing like anything. I don’t think any business can run without doing digital marketing in 2021 and future. Over the last several years digital marketing has grown more than 300%.  In this article I have mentioned top digital marketer in Assam along with their contact details.

Top ten Digital Marketing Professionals in Assam

  • Lalit Singh

Lalit singh is a Digital Marketing growth hacker, Sales funnel expert in automation. He is Director, Founder of Nexop Technology and Nexop Academy. Lalit is leading on eLearning platform in Assam and other states as well. He is always creative when it comes on marketing part. He has Digital Advertisement Agency where he serve client’s in various sectors like E-Commerce, Education, HealthCare, Automotive, Event Management ect. Career: Director, Founder of Nexop Technology and Nexop Academy. Experience: He has more than 5 years experience on field of Digital Marketing, Business Growth Hacker and Entrepreneurship. Education: B.E (Electrical Engineering) , Guwahati University. Organization: Nexop Academy and Nexop Technology. Contact Details: LinkedIn , 
  • Spandan Keot

Spandan Keot is a very good business developer, entrepreneur, full stack developer and human being. He has strong technology and market knowledge.  Spandan has worked with many software industry from intern to CEO like Ujudebug, Movietonne, NIMS Pvt Ltd, NVAID, Aharah, CouponAllTime. Now he is leading marking and backend development in Guwahati, Tezpur, Assam.

Career: Chief Executive Officer at Ujudebug.

Experience: He has more than 6 years experience on Technology Enthusiast, Digital Marketer and Web Developer.

Education: Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Guwahati University.

Organization: Ujudebug and Movietonne.

Contact Details: LinkedIn, Twitter

  • Roshni Bawari

Roshni Bawari is a Public communication and marketing strategy Specialist. She has established Jump Up High Digital Marketing and Communications Agency in the year of 2015.

She has worked with various organization like Axis bank, MP Narendra Modi. Roshni is life long learner and that’s always give her the upper edge in an industry that evolves in a blink. Now she is serving at metro cites like Bangalore, Pune, Guwahati. 

Career: Founder – Jump Up High Digital Marketing and Communications, Axis Bank,

Experience: She has more than 10 years experience.

Education: IIM Bangalore, B’Com, MBA – PGDM.

Organization: Jump Up High, Axis Bank.

Contact Details: LinkedIn, Twitter.

  • Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is a Digital Marketing Trainer, Founder of DigiAdzo. He has started his career as SEO Executive than Digital Marketing Specialist and Google Ads Campaign Manager at Accenture.

He is also very good mentor, leading team and growing with community, Where it shows results of handwork. He has worked difference city like Gurgaon, Jaipur a part from his hometown Guwahati .

Career: Ads Campaign Manager, Trainer & Founder of DigiAdzo.
Experience: He has more than 7 years experience as Digital Marketing Professional.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree Electronics and Communications Engineering at Kautilya Institute of Technology & Engineering.
Organization: Accenture, DigiAdzo & DPFOC.
Contact Details: LinkedIn, Mobile No: 97072 18056

  • Chinmoy Hazarika

Dr. Chinmoy Hazarika is the CEO of Zealth Marketing. He is also co-founder of He is hardworking and very passionate about whatever he does.

Chinmoy has bundle of knowledge in every filed along with Doctor profession. Being a doctor he has trained himself as good human. Also master on playing chess and an excellent writer as well.

Career: CEO at Zealth Marketing and Co-founder at

Experience: He has more than 10 years of experience in filed.

Education: MBA in Marketing(NMIMS), Bachelor of Dental Surgery (The University of Hong Kong)

Organization: Zealth Marketing, Indian Oil Corporation Limited and

Contact Details: LinkedIn , Twitter, Mobile Number: 07896646246,

Email: [email protected]

  • Moidul Islam

Moidul Islam is the CEO of Blindspot Media. He is expert on marketing strategy to build brand image on market.

He and his team approach for your business and nurture it for proper growth. Now he is leading market in Assam and other city as well.

Apart from his profession he is member of Social Services.

Career: CEO, Co-founder, Marketing Head.

Experience: He has more than 6 years experience.

Education: MBA at Globsyn Business School, B.Tech at Biju Patnaik University of Technology

Organization: Exclusive Advertising Private Limited , Blindspot, Cipher Studios.

Contact Details: LinkedIn, Email:[email protected]

Mobile Number: 8724805698

  • Kamal Singha

Kamal Singha is the Director of Zakti Digital Services. He has started his career as a Editor at Shvoong. Kamal stand apart is his excellent crisis management skills and also very good team leader.

He and his team member redefine the digital space to create unique ideas that enhance business growth. 

Career: Editor, Assistant Manager , CEO.

Experience: He has more than 5 years experience.

Education: BA at Bangalore University.

Organization:  Manthan Services & Zakti Digital Services.

Contact Details: Twitter, LinkedIn.

  • Navin Mirania

Navin Mirania founder of Mirania Data Systems, Freelancer, Content Creator. He has very strong knowledge in every domain in Digital Marketing.

Navin Mirania also travel person and it help him to word creatively. He offers Data Entry, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, WordPress, HTML, Graphics, Content Writing, CRM, eCommerce, Lead Research, LinkedIn Research ect.

Career: Founder at MDS Online

Experience: He has more than 10 years of experience.

Education: Bangalore University.

Organization:  MDS Online.

Contact Details: Phone: +91-9864060584, Email: [email protected]

  • Subhankar Banerjee

Subhankar Banerjee is the Founder of Seven Sense Communication. He has strong commend on Communication and Public Relation.

Subhankar has worked with many reputed brands like Rapido, Dunzo & Indian Oil. He also support NGO’s and Volunteer of Participatory Development Programme at Tezpur University.

Career: Founder & General Secretary.

Experience: He has more than 5 years experience.

Education: M.A at Assam University.

Organization:  Seven Sense Communication.

Contact Details: Instagram, Twitter , Phone: +91- 9706494608,

Email: [email protected]

  • Dibyajyoti Saikia

Dibyajyoti Saikia is a owner of  Digital Branding Agency. He helps small business to growth with using digital platform. He also provide Web Design Service, Business Consultant Service all over Assam.

Career: CEO, Marketer

Experience: He has few years of experience in Digital Marketing.

Education: Bachelor of Arts – BA ( Guwahati University)

Organization: Digital Branding & Paidverts Networks Pvt.Ltd

Contact Details: LinkedIn, Twitter, Email: [email protected]

Mobile Number: 7578809266

Dibyajyoti Saikia


This is the list of digital marketers in Guwahati, Assam that I’m able to come up with names noticeably. I’m sorry, If I missed great digital marketer names that I do not know them.

If you know other great marketers in Assam, I would love to know their name and about their work Experience in digital marketing. Please do comment bellow their names!

Google keyword planner: Best Free SEO for everyone 2021

Google keyword planner: Best Free SEO for everyone 2021

Keyword Planner is a free tool. Google created this tool to help pay-per-click advertisers, wherein all marketers use this tool even if you have paid tools like ahrefs, SEMrush, Mangools,MOZ, or anything else.

There are a lot of advantages of using Google Keyword Planner.

It’s especially important for local SEO and analyzing devices data. For example, when the Masters create content, they usually pay attention for desktop version of their website.

However, mobile traffic will continue to increase and surpass desktop traffic because the number of mobile users is growing all the time.

Today, mobile traffic is over 76%, desktop traffic over 23%, tablet traffic is less than 1%. Some keywords are completely mobile.

In this article, I’ll show you advantages and disadvantages of using Google Keyword planner.

I’ll compare data with other keyword tools. Today I want to share with you about Google Keyword Planner.

First time I met this tool in 2019, when I launched my first project -it was online shop- and I needed to find keywords that related with my business.

And I think that I didn’t have other alternatives like I have today from paid tools and other free tools.

If you’re interested to know more tools, you can visit pages on to website, where I reviewed all online tools.

And  a lot of these tools you can use to find your keywords.

You know, I use Google Keyword Planner even today, when I have access to some paid tools because on Google Keyword Planner, you can find some different data that you can’t get from other paid tools.

And you know, many paid tools just take this data from Google Keyword Planner.

If you want to have this tool, you need to have account on Google Ads. If you don’t have this account, you can register in a few minutes, just submit all data in

And after this, you need to switch to expect more, and yes, that’s it, and you can use Google Keyword Planner.

I opened the page on my website, where I review all SEO tools. If you want to find the direct link to Google Keyword Planner, you you need to click the filter “keyword research” on the left side and to choose the filter “free”.

How does google keyword planner work?

And after this you can find in a quick way this tool, here, Google Keyword Planner, and I opened this tool.

After registration you will see this window, what you need to do, to click “tools and settings” and open “Keyword Planner“.

A few seconds and after this you will see two windows, you can use all this windows, we can start from first one.

Here you can type your keywords, for example, SEO, digital marketing, marketing, SMM, you can divide them by coma.

Now you need to change language to your language. I change to English, and you can change location to your country.

For example, India.

After this, to save the additional function to add some website here, you can add website or not, it’s up to you.

But if you add here some successful competitor that ranks on Google, you know, it helps Google ads to understand what type of keywords you need to have.

We can start without setting any websites and after this, we will check with this setting. Click to get results.

And  we can see the results from last12 months. You can change location here, for example,

If you want to know only information about your native city, you can use Miami and delete the India and after this, you can see that average monthly searches decreased a lot.

You can change language or search networks, Google or Google and search partners.

You can use search partners as well, it might be YouTube, or any other search networks from Google.

And  if you have some seasonality in your business, it’s not good to have data from last month or last 12 months,

For example, if you sell Christmas gifts, it’s better, you know, to set up data from, I don’t know, from October to November.

I can change here to November 2020, or even December because it helps to understand what type, what volume we can have here.

If I change keywords to “christmasgifts”, we can check the result, and we will see some average monthly searches.

Google Keyword Planner

And if I use from June to July, you will see the big difference because that time people don’t search for Christmas gifts.

We see that our data decreased a lot. You can customize all of this in your Google ads.

Okay, I used it for last month. And here we can change to our keywords like, SEO, digital marketing, SMM.

If you want to use famous website that ranks high in Google, what you can see that we get a 2206 keyword ideas available for those keywords.

And even this tool proposes some other keyword ideas.

How to find google keyword planner idea?

You can add this keyword and use if these ideas are related with your business. And they have different columns.

In the first column, we see the list of keywords. The second column, we see volume. Competition is related to Google Ads competition, it’s not suitable with SEO competition.

And in this tool you can check SEO competition, SEO difficulty. What I like here that you know the average bid for Google ads and the maximum payment for Google ads.

You can use this data to analyze commercial intent of this keywords. If advertisers barely pay this money, that means that they can earn.

Okay, you can download all this data to Google, just click here, and you will get all this data in CSV or XLS format in your operation system.

What we can use here, you can go back to Keyword Planner and use this type of window here.

You can get exact data for some key words if you have your list of keywords for, example, SMM, SEO, marketing, social media, ads, paid ads, ppc.

And after this, you will get data only from  our list of keywords you can see here cost per click, how many clicks, impressions, cost, everything would you need to know from your list of keywords.

Even, we have negative keywords, you can add here, if you have a huge list of keywords, you can add like free.

We can use free. And for example, if I want to delete some keywords from my list, just click and delete them.

We have negative keywords, and we see that we don’t have this data by using negative keywords.

seo tools

 Go back to Google Keyword Planner, and we can use this window one more time.

If you want to check your computer, just type their website here, like

We can use famous resource that spends a lot of time, you know, to create high-quality and valuable content. And after this, we can have results from all this website.

You know, the volume is not good. We can use data from last 12months, and for example,

If you want to delete their brand keywords, just click at filter here, you can use this option “Keyword text” and click “does not contain”.

I use hubspot just hubspot, and apply.

After this, we will have only keywords that are related with hubspot without brand keywords.

Awesome !

I think that you don’t like this metric from10 – 100. It’s weak metric. And what you need to do here, just highlight keywords that you like more.

You can choose what you want to check and add this keywords to your plan overview, and go to this option “Plan overview”.

And we see here the list of this keywords and all impressions. If you want to know exactly impressions just increase your cost-per-click, we can use the maximum cost-per-click.

And after this, Google will show us exact impression for these keywords, you can click here.

And there, you will know exact impressions for all your keywords. After this, for getting this data, you don’t need to set up pay-per-click advertisement.

What I like more on this tool that you can analyze devices data, for this keywords, we see that computers have more traffic and locations data.

Right now, we use Miami, Florida, We can change that one, to India, save this data.

I need to go back and click it one more time, plan overview, and after this, you will see exact locations for this keywords.

California 15%, Florida 9%, New York 7% US 11%. And it’s suitable data.

If I want to know, for example, other keywords, we can change keywords, for example, to use.

I don’t know, which is more related for mobile. Example, baby crying.

Okay, we can check these keywords, baby crying, add them to our plan overview, and go there.

seo tools

You know, we need to delete the old plan overview. I want to delete this one.

And after this, you can check for other keywords and you will get other data, you know. Just give me few seconds, I need to delete all of them or remove them.

You can see that I need to remove one more time. Add this keywords one more time to plan overview.

If I go here, we can check that mobile traffics more than computers traffic.

It’s important, you know, to analyze what type of content we need to create?

Because it’s a big problem when the Masters usually pay attention only for the stock version of their websites.

If you compare this tool with Ubersuggest.

I think Neil Patel bought this tool for $120,000, and today he invests even more to develop this tool.

What I like on this tool is that you have this parameter as your difficulty because in Google Keyword Planner, you don’t have this metric.

And we see the same, volume, cost-per-click. You don’t need even to register in this tool to get all this data, keywords, ideas.

For your keywords, you have to compare data with some websites that rank in the top 10.

And you can use this to answer the public. I typed SEO and get data with a lot of questions that are related with my keywords.

It’s useful to create this content propositions and many other data. And all of them are free tool, you don’t need to pay.

But I think the answer the public, last time, tried to monetize this tool to use some progression.

And if you use free version, you don’t have volume data, but on Ubersuggest, you have this data.

I think that you can use all these tools, and to choose metric, all of them are free.

And that’s it for today. Don’t forget to subscribe to ask your question bellow,  and  subscribe email update, and you will get all information about my next blog post. See you next time thank you.