The Best Way to Learn SEO in 2022

The Best Way to Learn SEO in 2022

SEO is not a knowledge problem – it is an execution problem.

When it comes to SEO, far too many people out there are looking for that one hack, one trick, one technique, that one piece of information that will change their lives and get the elusive number 1 ranking for all their keywords.

Once people decide to learn SEO, they start binge-watching YouTube videos, mass-consuming blog posts, registering for every webinar, but yet, at the end of it still don’t know how and where to start with #SEO.


Honestly, if information is all that people need in life, everyone would be walking around with six-pack abs and driving a Ferrari because there is plenty of information on the internet about getting six-pack abs and making enough money to afford a bright red Ferrari.

But how many people do you know who have both or at least one of them?


Yeah, that’s what I thought.

It’s the same with SEO.


What you need is not more information (or “secret” information) and knowledge but structured information and focused implementation.

The emphasis should be on the focused implementation.

Because think about it, do you really think you can learn how to play the guitar just by watching videos of people playing the guitar?


Obviously not.

You’ll have to pick up the guitar and start practicing it. (RIP to all the guitars that didn’t make it this far)


And exactly like that, the only way to learn SEO is by DOING SEO.

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