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I’m Sumanta Biswas, your Retail Fashion Consultant and Entrepreneur. Starting as a cashier, I’ve climbed the ladder to become a Store Manager, specializing in fashion for all. Over 6 years, I’ve mastered operations, inventory, visual merchandising, and digital marketing, even running an e-commerce site. As the Co-Founder of Fashion ITC, I’m passionate about boosting your fashion store’s success. Let’s collaborate to take it to the next level. Contact me today, and let’s make your fashion business thrive!

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I started my career in Bangalore, India, as a cashier. Over time, I worked hard and became a Manager in the fashion retail industry. It wasn’t just a job; it was a journey of learning and growth.

In those years, I learned about running a store, managing inventory, making things look nice, helping customers with a friendly attitude, and using data to make smart decisions. It wasn’t always easy, but with each step, my manager taught me something important.

At the same time, I explored digital marketing. I learned about improving website visibility, using social media, and creating interesting content. I even got good at building websites using tools like WordPress, Wix, and Blogger. Understanding website coding became second nature. I even ran a successful online store for women’s fashion.

Now, my goal is to create special marketing plans, designed just for small fashion stores. I draw inspiration from my experiences at Max Fashion and other special places to help you increase sales and stand out in the retail world.

My journey shows that with hard work, you can achieve amazing things. If you have dreams for your fashion store, let’s connect and make them come true.

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