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Sumanta Biswas Founder of Fashion ITC. He is a digital Marketing practitioner and social media expert, consultant. Sumanta started his career at Max Fashion, at Triangle Films as Digital Marketing Intern and carries about 5 years of Industry experience. Sumanta explore few startup, a digital marketing agency based out of Bangalore. He believes ‘Digital Marketing is All About Practice and hence acclaimed organization like Landmark Group, Max Fashion, Triangle Films, Value First Consultancy etc.

Sumanta Biswas

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Sumanta Biswas

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Finally, absolutely an effective way to market if you are a new player, tend to be seriously interested in locating someone to have a unique connection with and sometimes even if you should be contemplating an open relationship on OkCupid. I am a huge enthusiast of...

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How do I create an email marketing portfolio?

How do I create an email marketing portfolio?

How do I create a email marketing portfolio: Guide Tips and Examples? Creating an email marketing portfolio can be an incredibly helpful way to communicate your successes and skills to potential employers or clients in the future. For those of you who are interested...

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My experience here was very good. Their customer service is very good. I have worked with many digital marketing company but this company is one of the best company and with very good service.

Rahul Gupta

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