7 Lead Generation Tips to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn

7 Lead Generation Tips on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be one of the most powerful lead generation tools you have at your disposal, but you’ll need to use it correctly in order to get the most out of it.

This guide includes seven ways to generate leads from LinkedIn, including several that most marketers don’t realize exist. Check out these seven strategies for growing your business on LinkedIn and see how you can more effectively harness this powerful tool!

1) Optimize your profile

The first step in generating leads on LinkedIn is optimizing your profile. Make sure you fill out all of your information.

This will ensure that users can connect with you and find out more about your business. The more contact information you provide, such as email address and phone number,

means more people will be able to get in touch with you for potential sales or offers for your services.


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2) Build a list of personal connections

To grow your network of business contacts and leads on LinkedIn, start by gathering a list of current or past coworkers, friends, customers and classmates.

Then use these connections as your starting point for asking people you know to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Asking them directly will not only help you avoid wasting time sending out invitations that won’t be accepted,

but it also increases your chances of them accepting because they will recognize who you are.

3) Build an in-depth group of targeted connections

One of the best places to find new leads is right in front of you: your connections. Connections are a primary indicator of influence and trust in your network.

So, whether you’re looking for new clients or business partners, it’s time to put in some work and grow your connections list on LinkedIn.

Here are 7 tips that will help you get started.

4) Keep your profile up-to-date

If you want leads for your business, having a well-maintained profile is important. Make sure all information is accurate and professional-looking; don’t include a giant photo of yourself, as potential clients and companies may take that as too informal.

Always update your status (and have colleagues do so) with relevant news related to your field or industry—this way, people are more likely to visit your profile.

5) Share relevant content via Groups

Leverage LinkedIn’s professional networking features by joining Groups relevant to your industry. Since so many professionals are using these groups, you can expect a high level of engagement and people looking for leads.

You can even schedule posts or other content ahead of time and have it post automatically based on your current engagement with others.

This is also a great place where you can generate leads for your business by sharing content that could potentially be relevant for potential customers or clients interested in getting help in their field.

Leveraging different aspects of LinkedIn allows you more opportunities to create more leads and get more sales from existing ones.

6) Follow the right people

If you’re struggling to get leads for your business, one of your first priorities should be to follow more people—and do it effectively.

In fact, in a survey of 15,000 B2B decision makers, 73% indicated that showing interest by following me was their favorite lead-generation tactic via social media.

And an even higher percentage (78%) said they were very likely or somewhat likely to follow back if a business took interest in them by way of social media.

7) Monitor your activity

Be strategic about which groups you join and what kinds of activity you engage in. Keep track of how often you’re posting and responding, as well as your level of engagement.

You should make sure that you’re spending time interacting with quality prospects instead of just spamming your profile out there all willy-nilly.

Keep in mind that it’s easy to lose touch with old friends and let our relationship slide when we don’t visit as often as we used to. You can follow me too on LinkedIn.

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